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T H E   N O M I N A T E  G R O U P 
is an intellectual property agency and literary management company that believes that greatness flourishes in the art of the written word.

Our agency assists world-changers in all aspects of their brand.

Through agenting, editorial and marketing we can discover new voices and new ways to communicate and help grow your brand. 


Prepare Pitch

Develop Publishing Sales Strategy


Align Book Messaging

Create a Book Proposal


Brand Management

 Book Launch 

Strategic Planning



Do you have a book idea?

We would love to help you  navigate the book process from ideation to publication.


Please reach out! 



The pitching process can be daunting.

After refining your proposal,

THE NOMINATE GROUP can represent your work and license the publishing rights all over the world. 

If you're ready,

please send us your proposal here. 



If you have a book concept,

THE NOMINATE GROUP can help you prepare your concept to sell to publishers and your audience.

We can help you define and refine your idea until it is exactly what you are looking to market.


If your book idea needs clarity, we can help you sharpen your concept

and have a sellable book proposal in less than 90 days.

Let me help you get ready to publish,

please go to this questionnaire



Whether you’ve signed a book deal or are finishing your manuscript,

THE NOMINATE GROUP can guide you through the publication process and provide a bespoke book launch strategy


We can help you elevate and grow your brand through product marketing and development.


Are you about to publish your book?

For more please fill out this questionnaire





was founded to fulfill a results-proven need for emerging book brands. Nena Madonia Oshman has a gift of translating and elevating voices to enhance Author gifts and expand reach.


is an advocate and champion in every sense of the word. Her ebullience for her authors, their books and their causes never ceases. 

She rises to the occasion with purpose and principle.  Being in the publishing industry for almost 20 years has given her the experience and expertise to support and fulfill the needs of her clients and exceeding their expectations.

Prior to founding THE NOMINATE GROUP, Nena was the lead agent for the #1 literary agency for over 15 years selling over 30 books in one quarter and having over 20 published and bestselling titles per year. Nena has navigated the publishing world for first time authors and built literary brands for established international enterprises.  

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